Sunday, February 3, 2013

Life Without Internet & Articles On Internet

The plethora of articles on any subject found on the internet today is unimaginable. Almost everything happens on the internet today. No doubt it has made our lives fast and easy. Apart from communicating, booking tickets, paying bills and shopping and socializing online, the amount information available on the internet is incredible. Loads of articles on numerous subjects can be both read and submitted on article submission directories for free. These directories have a wide range of topics- Business, insurance, finance, real estate, art and entertainment, philosophy, literature, health and fitness, food, pets, finance, society, education and many more.

Ezine Articles is a website for reading and submitting articles. Articles are regularly published electronically in a format of a newsletter or a magazine either weekly or monthly. It caters to the needs of all types of people looking for information on any topic. Not all but some website each topic will have several sub topics. For example, the particular topic society will have various subtopics on crime, religion, sociology, anthropology, politics etc. and each sub topic will have numerous articles written on them. Readers get different viewpoints and opinions on issues they want to read and information they require.

Various online journals offer articles on a specific subject. Some of these sites are restricted and articles can be viewed by paying the membership fee or the required amount for each article. One such site is JSTOR. This online journal is usually meant for university students and employees in various institutions and is accessed through college/ library computers for free. Oxford university press, Cambridge University and many universities have their online journals where articles are written by Researchers, Professors and PhD students. These articles are printed in books and are also available online. Sheer hard work required to write these articles and their excellent quality does not make them free for all readers. University students often rely on these internet sources which are recommended by teachers too. Internet offers great services to all.

Life without internet will definitely make things slow. Instead of submitting articles online for marketing, people would have to rush to newspapers/ magazines for getting their advertisements published. Instead of running a few search engines on the internet and getting information instantly one would have to run to libraries and hunt through numerous books lying in shelves to get articles on a specific topic. Instead of paying bills, booking tickets and shopping online one would have to stand in long queues to get their work done. All this would make our work really slow. This is not to say that libraries, books, newspapers and other printed form of information are not valuable. In fact several books have been preserved for several ages. Many people still prefer to read novels and books in printed version over the electronic version. Whether or not these advantages are found in the internet is debatable. Technology has both its advantages and disadvantages. It has made our lives easy but also lazy to a great extent. But as the world moves on we cannot sit back with our old methods even if they are better than modern methods. We too get caught in the changes occurring in the society.